All American Association Chess Club

The All American Association, founded by nationally renowned chess master Nshan Keshishian in 1991, sparked a revolution in the approach to learning chess strategy. As a unique non-profit organization, AAA is committed to training, technique, and mastery of the game.

Nshan Keshishian teaches how chess principles integrate into daily life, fostering improved problem-solving skills, leadership qualities, and even teaching abilities among students.

The AAA Chess Club, established in 1991, was among the earliest chess organizations of its time, responding to the modest demand for chess education in schools. Founder Keshishian's vision was to promote chess and its lifelong benefits, such as raising IQ levels, enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and fostering verbal, math, reading, and writing skills, along with good sportsmanship, to younger generations.

Currently, the AAA Chess School boasts over three hundred dedicated students engaged in after-school programs and club activities. In addition to national recognition, the school has earned honor and prestige on the international stage, with students winning national championships while representing their respective clubs.

For nearly 30 years, AAA Chess School has instructed children of all ages and levels, with many achieving success in major chess events and evolving into elite players. Others have excelled at leading universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Harvard, and Stanford, attributing their achievements in academics and life to the skills and practices acquired through chess. The ultimate goal of the club is to support, guide, and witness students' success, empowering them with the lessons learned to enrich their daily lives.